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Andre van Heerden – IdentityAndre van Heerden – IdentityAndre van Heerden – Identity

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Andre van Heerden – Identity

Brand Strategy and Brand Identity

André van Heerden, a renowned financial expert decided to part ways with his executive role in the corporate world to form what will be a unique financial consultancy that targets the upper echelon of South African business leadership.

The brand would need to combine his acquired personal brand equity and industry status with that of a dynamic consultancy that offers bespoke consulting services.

Rogue was contracted to develop the brand strategy and identity for André van Heerden with the intention of establishing a scalable brand that is flexible to change and can maneuver across industry types.

André van Heerden as a brand combined the essence of the sage archetype and a magician archetype, quite literally the alchemist of numbers and vision. The challenge was to develop a brand that defined the robust and credible profile for what André is known for with the dynamism of his intellectual thinking.

Rogue captured the idea that the brand was more than a financial offering – it was financial enlightenment. The introduction of the positioning line >Finance (greater than finance) captured the financial mindset while displaying the attitude to break away from convention.

The name André van Heerden was maintained as the brand name and would fulfill the role of master brand throughout the brand portfolio convention.

The identity design reinforces the “greater than” sign through design language and combined this accent with a colour palette that was both rich and modern. The identity itself made use of the same cues within a strong yet refined typeface that could be interchangeably used as both an icon and an abbreviation.

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