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Brightlux – Packaging DesignBrightlux – Packaging DesignBrightlux – Packaging Design

On 14, Sep 2012 | In | By admin

Brightlux – Packaging Design

BrightLux Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design and Go-to-market Strategy

BrighLux produces a range of high quality LED downlights, bulbs and tubes for the Southern Africa market.

The LED technology used provides a highly effective energy saving solution which reduces lighting energy consumption to a fraction of traditional lights. The brand’s core principles are based in providing eco-friendly, cost-efficient solutions that meet and exceed the global product benchmark.

BrightLux appointed Rogue to evolve their brand identity, strategy and packaging design and later their go-to-market communication strategy. Through strategic marketing, distribution and pricing, innovative packaging design and a product unmatched in the South African market the brand is set to quickly become leaders in the category.